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From May 17th:

  • Controlled events can take place with up to 50% capacity, but people mustn’t congregate in groups of more than 6.
  • Hospitality settings will be able to open in accordance with the “rule of 6”, so community cafes, coffee mornings and social clubs can take place.
  • Film shows, plays, concerts and sports matches can take place, subject to social distancing.
  • Indoor sports activities, including exercise classes, table tennis, badminton can take place.
  • Up to 30 people will be able to attend weddings, receptions, funerals and wakes.
  • The “rule of 6” will apply to indoor events.
  • Social distancing rules still apply.

    There will be some restrictions initially—following government guidelines you will be asked to provide name and contact phone number on entry (note: this information will be discarded after 21 days); tables will be spaced further apart.

    General Coronavirus changes include: providing hand sanitisers; screens at the serving hatches in the kitchen and the bar; paper towel dispensers in the lavatories rather than hot air blowers; etc.

    From June 21st:

    • All legal limits on social contact are removed. Outdoor events with more than 30 people can take place.
    • Dancing is permitted.
    • Restrictions on numbers at weddings and funerals are abolished.

    GOV.UK—Guidance updated (updated April 12th 2021)
     COVID-19: Guidance for the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities
    WRCC—Re-opening Village Halls (updated March 29th 2021)

     ACRE Information Sheet Version 9—includes list of useful appendices
     ACRE Information Sheet issue 9—current on March 26th 2021
    Perhaps most useful is the Appendix D – Activities Table 26.3.21 – this shows a whole range of activities held in village & community halls, the step at which this activity can take place and any limits on the activity.

     Some seating plans at varying social distancing

    support Your Parish Hall

    The main hall is capable of seating 120 people for dining, 150 in theatre style or dancing, accommodating all types of events. With a lounge bar and terrace with picturesque views, traditional stage with changing facilities, a modern kitchen and committee room, the parish hall is an ideal venue for parties, fitness groups, hobby groups, meetings, anniversaries, conferences, concerts, dances, family events—why not hire your local parish hall?
    Tables, matching crockery and cutlery, are available for those special events—a team can be contracted to style your occasion.
    The hall carparks have 50+ spaces.

    The hall can be booked for a variety of events, including:
    Children’s parties
    Other parties
    Wedding receptions BRIDEBOOK
    Community events
    Band or music practise
    Anniversary celebrations
    Adult parties
    and more
    Hall Activities, Interest Groups and other Local Activities
    Community Café, Drama, Gardening, theWI, History, Yoga, Dance, Craft, Pétanque, Choir, Flower Arranging, Practical Shooting, Football, Art,
    Riding For Disabled, Walking For Health, Social Singles
    For more information on any of the above, see 

     To book the hall for your event, go to Bookings ()

    Hartlebury Parish Hall, in addition to its regular hirings, frequently hosts events to help raise funds towards further renovations. These include dance nights, live music and quizzes.
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    Coming Up

    Coffee Shop

    Community Café

     Open for coffee May 18th 

     The regular Tuesday coffee  morning (10am–12noon) will open  whilst safe to do so, but please  wear masks and be prepared for a  maximum of 30 people.

     More info here and here.



     Available from March 29th

     Complete beginners, old hands,  any skill level, all welcome—come  along and join us; give it a try.

      Peter on 07714 278860
     More info