Please check the for available day / time slots.
To book the hall, confirm availability, enquire about conditions of use, or any aspect of hire, please contact the Bookings Secretary (see below). To book a date, you must submit a completed booking form, which must be confirmed by the Bookings Secretary.

For booking enquiries
contact Jasmine Tooley (Bookings Secretary)
07923 544838
Please note that should you get an answering service,
we will respond to you as soon as possible.
Alternatively, enter your details in the Contact Form below.

For general enquiries
contact Neil Gulliver (Hall Secretary)
 07927 311041
To gain access to the hall, our caretaker will meet you at the allotted time.
Please take all rubbish away with you—do NOT leave by recycle bins.

After your event please place tables in the table store (large tables go in first).

 Contact Form

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