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Cath Holden

Cath Holden

It may interest Hartlebury folk attending the Community Café on Tuesday mornings we are approaching our fourth anniversary.

The Community café was started in August 2016 with a grant of £250 from 'Friends of Hartlebury' and met in the bar area of the parish hall. For the first year, as it was establishing itself, all the proceeds went to the Parish Hall funds—a charity in its own right. This amounted to £1,105. It gained in popularity and numbers grew so it expanded into the main building in 2017 and profits were donated to British Red Cross. All the help was voluntary, and all made by a number Good Women of the parish.

We started to pay a proper rent to the Parish Hall in 2017 and then, due to a suggestion from a customer, began to donate to a variety of charities ...

  • Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
  • Hearts of England–supports donations of defibrillators to village halls
  • Jan Jan Bureh Nursery (school in The Gambia supported by Hartlebury ex-teacher)
  • Kidderminster Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Stourport Pony Riding for the Disabled
  • Nightstop supporting young homeless (Kidderminster branch)
  • Red Cross Yemen Appeal and UNHCR (refugee charity)
  • Christian Aid
  • Kidderminster Prostrate Cancer Support Group
  • Médecins Sans Frontières

Since the inception of the café (taking off rent and sundry costs) we have raised >£4,500 for these charities.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. Anyone wishing to offer help with cake making or 'behind the hatch' please do ask. It's fun!

Cath Holden - July 2019

Charities update December 2019

  • November–£250 Kidderminster Prostrate Cancer Support Group
  • October–£250 Médecins Sans Frontières
  • September–£250 Kidderminster Citizens Advice Bureau
Charities update January 2020
  • December–£130 (made up to £240 with Hartlebury Book Group) Toilet Twinning–new toilet block in Malawi
  • January–£200 Nightstop supporting young homeless (Kidderminster branch)

List of Café Helpers - in alphabetical order (as of July 2019)

'Behind the Hatch'
Cath Holden
Chris Greatbatch
Elaine Phillips
Jill Lyman
Marion Neal
Paras Baldock

Cake Makers
Cath Holden
Chris Greatbatch
Claire Thorley
Hilary Dixon
Mandy Smith
Marion Neal
Neil Gulliver
Sheila Allen
Val Hardwick

customers 1
customers 2